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I’m guessing you entered the arts because you wanted to connect. You wanted to reach people. You wanted to open their hearts. Maybe even get them to rethink their convictions and make a change for the better.

Your gift is your desire and ability to make that impact.

Great stories produced with excellence and generosity allow us to utilize those gifts.

You know what else does? A crisis.

Some people are afraid right now. They’re feeling vulnerable. They’re desperate to connect. They’re wide open. Even if they don’t know it.

Let’s use our gift. Call someone up every day. Just ask them how they’re doing. And listen. With empathy and generosity.

You’ll have made a HUGE impact.

And…Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Wear some green. Let a little luck of the Irish come upon us all.

Belief & Action

When you make art, you have no idea how it’ll turn out. And that can be stressful. But you believe it will work out. Even though you have no evidence to support that belief. How can you? It’s brand new. It’s art…You just do. It’s a feeling inside. You believe in yourself. You believe in your fellow artists. You believe in the power of art to move people.

And because you believe, you take positive, productive actions that support that belief. You work hard and generously. You move forward. Day by day. You invite people to come see your work. Before it’s finished.

We’re gonna get through this difficult time. Absolutely. We will. Believe it.

Now, let all our actions support that core belief.

Friday Night Light & Wisdom

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We’re gonna get through this. We’re gonna come out stronger. We’re gonna gonna come out with more humanity and love and connectedness.

Here’s how.


CLEAR EYES. Not seeing what we want to see or wish we could see, but seeing things as they truly are. Without judgment or irrationality. Just perceiving what is. And realizing that what is, will change over time. Because everything changes. And we will perceive that change too.

That clear perception allows us to have…

FULL HEARTS. Hearts full of love. Hearts full of service. Hearts full of empathy, compassion and grace.

And with our clear eyes and full hearts, we simply…


This Too Shall Pass

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In times like these, it’s wise to heed these four words from Mr. Lincoln.

It’s also wise to heed in the good times.

That’s what’s amazing about live theatre. It’s ephemeral. It’s here today. Gone tomorrow.

Let’s lean into the emphemerality of life. Let’s embrace it.

We’ll get through this.


“This too shall pass.”

“This too shall pass.”

“This too shall pass.”

“This too shall pass…”

Who’s It For?

After answering the two essential artist questions, now ask yourself, “Who’s It For?”

Take for example, producing a play.

“Who’s it for?”

People who like theatre, especially intimate theatre?

Fans of this playwright?

People who love plays, movies, etc…that might be similar to this play?

People who might be interested or support this subject matter? For example, if you produce Tracers by John DiFusco, you can reach out to Veterans. If you produce Mary Jane by Amy Herzog, you can reach out to caregivers.

People who like live performance (theatre, concerts, etc…)?

Your close friends and colleagues. Wouldn’t they be excited to know that you’re producing something you’re passionate about? Won’t they bring their friends too?

You can keep going and going…

This exercise should inspire, not paralyze you. It should give you confidence that an audience definitely exists for your art. You know there are fans out there. People you want to reach. People who inspire you to produce with excellence.

And by the way, you might just get a much bigger audience than you ever imagined.

Chicken Soup For The Stoic

Jack Canfield, bestselling author of the Chicken Soup For The Soul book series, lives by a simple formula that any Stoic would love.

E + R = O

E stands for Event.

R stands for Reaction.

O stands for Outcome.

We can’t control E, the events that happen to us in our lives. We can only control R, our reactions to those events. Thus, if we want to change O, our outcome, we must change our R.

This echoes Marcus Aurelius’ wonderful advice, “You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”

It’s inevitable that when you’re making your passion project, all kinds of E’s will come up. Don’t judge them. Instead, immediately notice your R’s, your reactions to those events. Are they positive or negative? How do you feel when you think them? Will they help move the project forward?

If not, change them. You’ll feel better. You’ll take productive actions. And in the process, you’ll change your outcome.

It’s All Momentum

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MOMENTUM: (in physics) the force or speed of an object in motion; the increase in the rate of development of a process

I remember going to Six Flags Great America with some college buddies. Brian–total physics maniac–spent the whole day marveling at this one, particular roller coaster. He kept repeating to himself and anyone who’d listen, “It’s momentum. It’s all momentum!”

Physics aside, what excited him was the ride’s design. How, after the initial energy needed to put the coaster in motion, it kept going. And going. And going. All the way to the end. And the only force needed to keep it going was momentum.

Find your passion project. Get it in motion. And let momentum become your friend.