You Don’t Get To Stop Choosing

My old Chicago acting teacher and mentor, Kurt Naebig, warned us early on to never complain about the industry. Never, ever moan and groan about jobs or the lack thereof. His words, “The industry didn’t choose you. You chose it.” He was right. So why do we stop choosing? If we chose to be artists,Continue reading “You Don’t Get To Stop Choosing”

Start With Why

In his best-seller Start With Why, author Simon Sinek argues that the best companies and organizations, the ones we remember, are those that have a clear sense of purpose. Their “Why” supersedes their “What.” Their products and services exist because of their “Why.” Mission before Action. What if we did that for ourselves? As artists,Continue reading “Start With Why”

Hobby, Job, Career, Vocation

A useful exercise…Write down these four words: hobby, job, career and vocation. After each, reflect and write down what each word means to you. Next, watch this video from bestselling author, Liz Gilbert: Once you clarify what you’re currently doing and what you want to be doing, then you’re free. Free to create artContinue reading “Hobby, Job, Career, Vocation”

Memento Mori

“You could leave life right now. Let that determine what you do, say and think.” – Marcus Aurelius, Meditations Memento Mori is an ancient practice of reflecting on our own mortality. Reflections manifested in all art forms–paintings (like the image above), songs, writings (the Stoics and others), etc….even Walt Disney made his own personal MementoContinue reading “Memento Mori”

The Virtuous Cycle

What happens when you find a play you’re passionate about and commit to producing it with excellence? You create an incredibly meaningful experience for a whole lotta people. You start the virtuous cycle. You create a meaningful experience for yourself. For the playwright. For the cast. For the designers and crew. For the audience. OrContinue reading “The Virtuous Cycle”