The Concept Statement

“Good thinking is expensive. Bad thinking costs a fortune.

One way to force yourself to think is to write. Good writing requires good thinking. 

Forcing yourself to make your thinking visible gives poor thinking nowhere to hide. You can’t simply take a few minutes here and there, get the gist of the problem, and expect to have clear writing. It doesn’t work that way.

Good writing, like good thinking, takes time.” -Shane Parrish

If you’re directing (or even producing) a film or play, one of the best initial practices you can do is write out a concept statement.

It’s basically a distillation of all your thoughts, enthusiasm and vision for the art you’re trying to make. It should be anywhere from a paragraph to a a few pages. No more.

Make it clear, concise and inspirational. Use it as a reference document to go back to when you’re struggling or feeling overwhelmed.

The process of writing one will clarify your thinking and strengthen your “why.” It will help you communicate better. And it will give you and your fellow collaborators more confidence for the journey that lies ahead.

Write your concept statement now.

Save a ton of time and unnecessary frustration later.

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