The First Lesson

Tom Hanks Golden Globes speech should be required viewing for any artist. Especially actors. Two big takeaways…be on time and come prepared with strong choices. Reminded me of a workshop I was in many years ago. Taught by a very famous, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright. (Bonus points if you can guess who.) It’s day one. Playwright’sContinue reading “The First Lesson”

Meaningful Work Through…Chocolate?

Yep. That’s what Shawn Askinoise found. I highly encourage you to check out his book and his chocolate. Shawn was a super successful defense attorney living in Springfield, Missouri. He loved his job. Then suddenly in his late forties, he didn’t. He prayed this simple, silent prayer, every day for for five years, “Dear God,Continue reading “Meaningful Work Through…Chocolate?”

An Inspiring Definition of Art

ART: Doing something that might not work in service of others. I’m paraphrasing the great Seth Godin here. Seth is someone you should definitely check out by the way. I love this definition because it empowers you to be artistic all the time. Not just when you’re acting, writing, painting, etc…doing something “artistic”…but in yourContinue reading “An Inspiring Definition of Art”