Friday Night Light & Wisdom

We’re gonna get through this. We’re gonna come out stronger. We’re gonna gonna come out with more humanity and love and connectedness. Here’s how. With… CLEAR EYES. Not seeing what we want to see or wish we could see, but seeing things as they truly are. Without judgment or irrationality. Just perceiving what is. AndContinue reading “Friday Night Light & Wisdom”

This Too Shall Pass

In times like these, it’s wise to heed these four words from Mr. Lincoln. It’s also wise to heed in the good times. That’s what’s amazing about live theatre. It’s ephemeral. It’s here today. Gone tomorrow. Let’s lean into the emphemerality of life. Let’s embrace it. We’ll get through this. Because… “This too shall pass.”Continue reading “This Too Shall Pass”

Who’s It For?

After answering the two essential artist questions, now ask yourself, “Who’s It For?” Take for example, producing a play. “Who’s it for?” People who like theatre, especially intimate theatre? Fans of this playwright? People who love plays, movies, etc…that might be similar to this play? People who might be interested or support this subject matter?Continue reading “Who’s It For?”

It’s All Momentum

MOMENTUM: (in physics) the force or speed of an object in motion; the increase in the rate of development of a process I remember going to Six Flags Great America with some college buddies. Brian–total physics maniac–spent the whole day marveling at this one, particular roller coaster. He kept repeating to himself and anyone who’dContinue reading “It’s All Momentum”