Let Them Help You

“The everyday human gesture is always a heartbeat away from the miraculous — [remember] that ultimately we make things happen through our actions, way beyond our understanding or intention; that our seemingly small ordinary human acts have untold consequences; that what we do in this world means something; that we are not nothing; and that our most quotidian human actions by their nature burst the seams of our intent and spill meaningfully and radically through time and space, changing everything… Our deeds, no matter how insignificant they may feel, are replete with meaning, and of vast consequence, and… they constantly impact upon the unfolding story of the world, whether we know it or not.” -Nick Cave, letter to a fan, “The Red Hand Files”

If you sometimes find it hard to allow people to help you because you don’t want them to be bothered or inconvenienced. Or you think, “Everyone’s got their own troubles. The last thing they need is to hear mine.”

Realize a few things…

One…It takes tremendous strength, courage and vulnerability to ask for help or allow yourself to be helped. Be strong. Let the help in.

Two…People don’t offer to help if they don’t mean it. They mean it. Trust that.

Three…When you allow someone to help you, not only are you the recipient of a gift. But you give them a great gift as well. The gift of service. The gift of being there for someone else. The gift of love. Don’t deprive them of this gift.

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