Three Billboards Outside Los Angeles, California…

“I love actors. Part of that is my theater background and being a writer who cares about performance. Actors have usually chosen their profession because they have a dream of doing it and they want to express something about the world. That’s the same thing that I have with writing. Most of the good actors get into it for those reasons, rather than for reasons of fame or fortune, or anything like that, and that’s where I’m coming from, as a storyteller.” -Martin McDonagh

Riffing on McDonagh’s great film above and Tim Ferriss’ billboard question (“What would you put on a billboard to get a message out to millions of people?”) he asks every podcast guest, below are three billboards I’d like to see outside my hometown of Los Angeles, California. Really every city across the world.

Billboard #1: Assume Positive Intent.

Billboard #2: Strong Opinions. Weakly Held.

Billboard #3: Go Make Your Art. And Help Someone Make Theirs.

Okay, I lied. One more…

Billboard #4: All You Need Is Love. Love Is All You Need.

P.S. – I’d love to know your billboard message. Share in the comments. Or email me. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Three Billboards Outside Los Angeles, California…

  1. love it
    Great post! I couldn’t agree more with the importance of assuming positive intent and making art while helping others do the same. It’s a great mindset to have. My question for you is, have you found that these billboards make a positive impact on people’s mindsets and actions in your hometown and other cities? Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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