As If

“When I give a genuine answer to the “if”, then I do something, I am living my own personal life. At moments like that there is no character. Only me.” -Konstantin Stanislavski

As detailed in Isaac Butler’s terrific book “The Method: How the Twentieth Century Learned to Act“, one of the breakthroughs legendary director Konstantin Stanislavski made in his work was the “Magic If.” To get more real and nuanced performances from his actors, Stanislavski advised them to imagine themselves as the character, going through the character’s circumstances. He wanted them to believe “as if” this were happening to them, and then ask themselves what they would do were they in the same situation as the character. That imagining and questioning were the seeds of action.

Similarly, we can do the same in our lives for anything we’re trying to accomplish.

For example, let’s say you’re trying to raise money for a business or project. Once you’ve put a work plan together and figured out what you need to make said project happen, now imagine yourself carrying out the mission.

Act as if you were ready to roll and starting work on day one.

What would you do?

Who would you connect with?

What would your day to day, hour by hour, look like?

By doing this exercise, I’m guessing a bunch of possible action steps come tumbling out of your head.

Pick one or two or three and get cracking.

Yes, there comes a point when you actually need money in the bank and the time to fully devote to your project.

But until and when that day comes, how far can you take it on spec? How far can you go solo?

I’ll bet much farther and faster than you think.

And if you don’t know what you’d do on day one or aren’t proceeding as if, why would you expect anyone else to fund or follow you?

P.S. – “Ugh. As If.”

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