Small Fires

“Darkness within Darkness. The gateway to all understanding.” –Tao Te Ching by Lao-Tzu (Stephen Mitchell translation)

“You have to carry the fire.”
“I don’t know how to.”
“Yes, you do.”
“Is the fire real? The fire?”
“Yes it is.”
“Where is it? I don’t know where it is.”
“Yes you do. It’s inside you. It always was there. I can see it.” -the Man speaking to his Son in Cormac McCarthy’s novel, The Road

Most of us are stumbling around in darkness.

That’s why it’s vital that when you’re passionate about something or a change you want to make, you gotta make it happen. Ignite the flame. Start your small fire.

We don’t need full brightness.

Just a bunch of small fires spread out everywhere and we can find our way home.

P.S. – Can you guess the movie in the pic above? Hint: it’s a sequel.

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