The Right Path?

“The desire for security and the feeling of insecurity are the same thing. To hold your breath is to lose your breath. A society based on the quest for security is nothing but a breath-retention contest in which everyone is as taut as a drum and as purple as a beet.” ―Alan Watts, The Wisdom of Insecurity: A Message for an Age of Anxiety

If we knew 100% it would all work out in the end, we’d probably endure just about anything, including being thrust in a pit of poisonous snakes, to get there. Remember the game show “Fear Factor”?…Contestants would do all these crazy hard, scary things. But if they completed the task, they’d get the reward.

What often stops us from trying isn’t hard work or the trials we have to endure.

It’s not knowing if we’re on the right path. Not enduring the right trial. Not doing the right kind of hard work. That maybe we should be doing something else. And what if we do our absolute best and it’s not good enough?

Yep. Those are all real possibilities.

Do it anyway.

Some thoughts that might help you go forward and choose a path…

One: You’ll never know until you try.

Two: Trust yourself to iterate and figure things out along the way.

Three: You can rest knowing you gave it your best shot.

Four: No matter what, you’re gonna grow from the experience and learn something.

Five: Nobody knows what the right path is.

All that matters is you make a choice. You take a step. And then another. And then another. And then another…

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