When’s The Last Time?

I wish everybody knew
What’s so great about you…

This is the last time
This is the last time
(The National, song “This Is The Last Time”)

“Deliberate practice requires working where challenges exceed skill.” -Angela Duckworth, book Grit

“When people are placed in positions slightly above what they expect, they are apt to excel.” -Richard Branson

“I can’t tell you the feeling I get when I plant a birch tree and I see it grow up and sprout leaves, I…I mean, I fill up with pride, I…But then again…It’s time for me to go. Maybe I’m just crazy. Good-bye.” -Astrov in Uncle Vanya by Anton Chekhov (Annie Baker adaptation)

When’s the last time you…

…had your mind blown; were gobsmacked by life’s beauty and stood in awe?

…changed your mind; changed your previously held convictions?

…dreamed big, really big, and then told someone your dream?

…learned a new skill?

…attempted to do something difficult; something that was slightly beyond your belief about your own capability?

…put yourself out there; took a risk, a real risk?

…desired something deeply and went after it with all your heart knowing that if you didn’t get it, you’d be heartbroken?

If it’s been a while or never, you’re in a rut. Time to explode out of it.

P.S. – This NYT article on the benefits of awe and wonder.

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