Do What You Can Do

“I used to worry a great deal about the theatre, the arts, where it and they were going. There were panels and there were editorials and there were arguments, and I came to see that the worriers had created a career–a sinecure–for themselves.
Worrying and prognosticating, but never producing. So I stopped worrying and bleating and just showed up at the plays I cared about and wrote the plays that I could. That is really all we can do, anyway. Do what you do, and show up to support what others do. The rest is professional misery.”–Harold Pinter/Interview with James Grissom/From “Come Up A Man: The Hungers of Marlon Brando.”

“Where is theatre going?”

“Is this end of theatre?”

“Will people still want to go to the theatre?”

“Do people still care about theatre?”

“Is theatre just a smaller and smaller niche?”

“Will people still be going to theatre in fifty years?”

I have no idea. And nor do you. Nor should we care.

All that we should care enough to ask is “Do I love theatre?”.

If yes, do whatever you can do to love it back.

See plays.

Read plays.

Write plays.

Act in plays.

Direct plays.

Make plays.

P.S. – Hat tip to my friend Suse for the awesome Pinter quote above.

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