It Could Always Be…

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” -Teddy Roosevelt

When you’re going through hard times, you might be tempted to think “it could always be worse” as a way to feel better.

And it’s true.  It could always be worse.  Much worse.

But I’m not certain that provides enough lift off. And it could lead to guilt and self-flagellation for feeling bad as you compare your situation to others misfortune.

Instead…How about thinking “It could always be better.” Because it could. It could be better. Waaaay better.

For proof, reflect on your own life. You’ll find plenty of examples where it’s been better.  Much better.  Realize this is just a downturn on the flywheel of life. A cold, winter season. Warm spring is right around the corner. This too shall pass.

For further proof, seek out the vast multitude of examples of people who went through hard times, but used the downturn as fuel to make things better. For themselves and others. The obstacle became the way. This should inspire you!

Now you’ve got hope and confidence and a reason to work hard to make things better. Go and do likewise.

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