Alive Time Vs. Dead Time

“If you’re just letting the time pass at your job, it’s just dead time and you’ll never get it back. If at that job you’re learning and you’re observing and you’re seeing about people and connections, it’s suddenly alive time.” -Robert Greene

Vvivre Sans Temps Mort (Live Without Wasted Time) -1960’s French political protest slogan

How much time did you spend today in reactive mode? Responding to emails, prior work and life obligations, putting out fires, etc…

How much time did you spend today being proactive? Learning a new skill, building a new habit, working on your passion project, getting a little closer to your dream.

The writer Robert Greene terms it “alive time” versus “dead time.’

Start adding it up each day, If you have far too much dead time for far too long, it’s probably time for a change.

You only get one chance to be alive. One life. Live it!

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