A Reason To

At the end of every hard-earned day people find some reason to believe. -lyrics from the song, “Reason To Believe” by Bruce Springsteen

“If we want to feel an undying passion for our work, if we want to feel we are contributing to something bigger than ourselves, we all need to know our WHY.” -from the book “Find Your Why” by Simon Sinek

“Once you apprehend the vacuity of a life without struggle, you are equipped with the basic means of salvation.” -Tennessee Williams

We all need a reason to do something, a why. Doesn’t necessarily have to be, but better if the reason is specific and measurable and tangible. And has a deadline. It springs you into action.

For example…

A reason to lose weight might be you want to fit in that old suit again for your 25th high school reunion. Rather than “look good.”

A reason to update your resume might be to apply for a specific job posting you see that generally excites you. Rather than doing it just to have “in case.”

A reason to save and invest more money might be for that pink Cadillac (Yes, I couldn’t resist the Springsteen nod) you’ve always wanted and is now on sale. Rather than to “feel rich.”

We all need a reason to get out of bed in the morning, a reason to work hard, a reason to make art, a reason to be disciplined, a reason to devote ourselves to something bigger than ourselves.

We all need a reason to believe.

Once you find it, you’ll never look back.

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