Iron Skirt Stories

A special shout to two friends and artists, Sasha Hawkes and Amy Marcs, who’ve formed Gladiolus Media, “a female owned production company that focuses on true and personal stories.” They met in our Vs. Studio Solo Performing and Writing Workshop taught by Paul Stein. For the last year or so in these workshops, they and other artists have explored their personal stories, journeys and vulnerabilities and courageously shared them on our Tuesday Night Readings.

Desiring to go deeper and share these stories in a live setting, Sasha and Amy have produced “Iron Skirt Stories.”, three live evenings “that feature eight women sharing ten minutes of courageous, funny, brilliant and resilient true stories.” Not surprisingly all three evenings are sold out. But I have a feeling there will be more to come. Make sure to follow them on Instagram Here.

In the meantime, tonight is opening night. Woot! Woot! Let’s wish them well…

Break legs Sasha and Amy and Carole and Madelynn and Martha and Robin and Cara and Karen. We’re all super proud of you and are rooting for you big time!

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