What & Why

“Everyone sit down. Good. Feel the chair. Feel the floor. Feet. Cushion. Spine.
Knees.” –Stand Up If You’re Here Tonight by John Kolvenbach

Feeling overwhelmed? Stressed? Mind racing? Can’t concentrate? Struggling to be present? All of these things and more?

Try this…

First, breathe in and out. Do this a few times.

Next, ask yourself this question, “What am I doing?” “What am I literally doing?” Not what I want or need to do in ten minutes. But what am I doing right now, at this exact moment. Whatever it is, answer and name it for yourself. “I am washing the dishes.” “I am writing a blog post.” “I am walking the dog.”

Then ask yourself “Why am I doing this?” Again,answer it. “I am washing the dishes so that they will be clean. I am walking the dog so that he can get some exercise and fresh air.”…You get the idea.

This simple process grounds you and gets you back into presence. It’s calming and clarifying.

Actors…This also works if you’re struggling in a scene. Pause. (It’s okay. You got time.) Breathe. Ask yourself what you’re literally doing. Look your partner in the eye. Ask yourself what you want from him/her. Connect. Then proceed.

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