Begin Again

Great news…No matter what happens, no matter how badly things go off the rails, you can choose to just, simply, begin again.

That’s probably the biggest takeaway from any kind of meditation practice or trying to be present.

Distracted by thoughts? Can’t focus on your breath? No worries. Be aware. Begin again.

Had a plan for the day, but life doesn’t seem to be cooperating? All good. Be aware of where you’re at. Begin again.

On stage, trying to tell the story of the play, trying to be a good scene partner, but you feel unfocused and your mind drifting? No sweat. Pause. Look at your partner. Reconnect to your want. Begin again.

It’s not how you start. It’s how you finish. Begin again.

P.S. – This essay by Sharon Salzberg and this short meditation by Sam Harris

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