The Seurat Seven

Stop worrying if your vision
Is new.
Let others make that decision —
They usually do.
You keep moving on. -Lyrics from the musical “Sunday In The Park With George” by Stephen Sondheim

The theatre world lost a giant last week, Stephen Sondheim. I’ve been reading numerous articles about his life and work the last few days, including this excellent piece from Charles McNulty in the Los Angeles Times.

In the musical “Sunday in the Park with George,” famed pointillist Georges Seurat mutters seven words to himself as he paints, a kind of mantra to the creative process. (Check out this awesome clip.) My friend (also a very talented playwright and passionate theatre artist) Michael David has a wall in his home painted with those same words (pictured above). They focus and inspire him. The words are:








Beautiful and complete words on their own. But when incorporated together, you get this masterpiece…

A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte - Wikipedia

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