Milestones are always fun to celebrate and today I’m celebrating one with all of you. Post number 500.

When I first started this blog nearly two years ago, I had no idea how long it would go. I had some things to say about making art that I thought were worth sharing. I was also attracted to the challenge and discipline of trying to ship new work every single weekday.

But the reason I got to 500 is because of YOU. Thank you for reading and caring and all your feedback. Knowing that a post might inspire you motivates me to keep going. My personal mission and the mission of The Vs. Studio is to help others find and manifest their passion projects. Because I feel when they do and do so with excellence and generosity, it’s pretty darn awesome. Everyone wins.

Finally, there are some writers out there who regularly inspire me and you should check them out. They’ve been at it much longer than I have and do it a whole lot better than I do. Here’s a list…

-The G.O.A.T. Seth Godin. He’s blogged every day for about two decades now. Read Here.

-Maria Popova curates an amazing blog, “The Marginalian” (formerly titled “Brainpickings”). Read Here.

-Richard Rohr, writer and founder of the Center For Contemplation and Action. Read his daily meditations Here.

-Margo Aaron, copywriter and marketer extraordinaire. Get her weekly newsletter Here.

-Ryan Holiday, author and modern day stoic. His Daily Stoic blog is excellent and sure to motivate. Read Here.

-James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, has a short, but impactful weekly newsletter. Read Here.

-Farnham Street. Another great curated weekly newsletter. Read Here.

Thank you again everyone. Hope to see you at 1,000. In the meantime, keep making your art. I’m rooting for you big time.

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