Nobody Knows

“You’re here. You know what to do.” –Stand Up If You’re Here Tonight by John Kolvenbach

In his bestselling book, Adventures In The Screen Trade, William Goldman famously wrote “Nobody knows anything.” While he was referring to Hollywood, this statement can be applied to any industry, anything you’re trying to do.

Nobody knows.

Nobody knows what you should do.

Nobody knows “how to get there.”

Nobody knows the right path to success.

Nobody knows you.

Only YOU know you.

So stop searching outside yourself. Stop looking for answers and advice and decisions.

You are the master of your fate. You are the captain of your soul.

Dig deep. Figure out what you’re passionate about. And go do it.

Do it because you love it. So much so that you just have to make it and share it with all of us.

Nobody knows anything. What a freeing statement!

Go make your art.

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