Closing Weekend

“In my beginning is my end.” -T.S. Eliot

“I’m going to count to ten. I’m here, you’re there….You know what to do…Welcome…Welcome back.” –Stand Up If You’re Here Tonight by John Kolvenbach

Closing a show is never easy. All the relationships that are forged. All the pure joy that comes from performing. All the audience connections that are made. It’s tough to say good bye.

It’s closing weekend of Stand Up If You’re Here Tonight. After three months, it comes down to tonight (Friday) and tomorrow night. And then it’s all she wrote.

Thank you to Circle X for co-producing the show with us and offering us a wonderful space.

Thank you to all the designers and stage crew for bringing your A plus game.

Thank you to John for writing this beautiful play and entrusting us with it.
Thank you to Jim and Alexandra and Peggy and Grainne for sharing your big, beautiful hearts and immense acting talent.

Thank you audience for showing up.

It’s been a delight to produce and share this show with all of you.

P.S. – There are still a few seats for closing tomorrow. Get your tix Here. Use code “vsally” and you’ll get a nice discount. And stay afterwards to celebrate with us!

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