Evening Routines

There’s a lot of interest today on the topic of morning routines. It’s a frequent podcast question. There are several books devoted solely to it. Lots of social media around it.

And understandably so. It makes intuitive sense to get your day off to a good start. After all…You are the power plant.

What gets less attention but might actually be more important, is your evening routine. Especially because a good evening routine can both unlock the power of the subconscious and lead to a better night’s rest. Which is vital to your energy and your artistic creativity. Ryan Holiday, an author I’ve recommended prior, especially his books on Stoicism, just put out a great article on evening routines. You can read it here.

As with any routines, trial and error is key. One size does not fit all. Pick and choose what you think might work for you and your lifestyle, and give it a shot. Try it out for a month or so. If it works, great. Keep it. If not, try something else.

And if you have some good morning or evening routines/practices you wish to share, I am all ears!

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