Is Content Still King?

In a 1996 essay, Bill Gates famously wrote “content is king.” I encourage you to read the essay, if for nothing else to see what he predicted right and wrong twenty five years later. It’s pretty fascinating.

Many articles today such as this one argue that content is no longer king. Distribution is. That’s why Silicon Valley companies with their ruthless efficiency and fancy algorithms dominate entertainment right now.

Where both arguments come up short is the lack of a modifying adjective. Which is…


“Quality” content is king. Always will be. Because making quality content is really freaking hard.

And “Quality” distribution is also king. It too is really hard. Because it’s about being an incredible curator.

Excellence in both of these areas isn’t about money.

It’s about love. Doing it solely for the love of the thing. That’s art.

Strive to make great art.

Strive to be a great curator.

(Perhaps the money will follow.)

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