On Receiving Feedback

Do tons of work on your own before asking. (Writers, at the very least, make a concerted effort to eliminate spelling and grammatical errors and all other typos.)

Have a select group of people whose opinion you trust and taste you respect. Even if it’s radically different than yours.

Relinquish the need for praise or reassurance. We’re all professionals here.

Assume the person giving feedback has your and the project’s best interest at heart at all times.

Be open, open, open…Have an open mind and body at all times. Notice your posture. For example, don’t listen with crossed arms.

Even if the note or feedback seems wrong, try it. You might surprise yourself and make some incredible breakthroughs as a result.

Remind yourself how lucky you are that someone took time out of their busy life to give you feedback. It means they care.

Remain confident in your skills and your ability to execute a given note.

Repeat back their direction so you both know you’re on the same page…”If I understand you correctly, you’re saying….”

Have a burning desire to be pushed to excellence.

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