The Producing Mindset

“To hell with circumstance, I create opportunities.” -Bruce Lee.

“When your army has crossed the border, you should burn your boats and bridges, in order to make it clear to everybody that you have no hankering after home.” -Sun-Tzu, The Art Of War

For producing (and most things in life), mindset is everything. It’s why much of this blog (and someday if I ever write a book and/or do a podcast) is devoted to just that. Yes, strategy and tactics are important (and we go over these in detail in The Producing Workshop), but I believe that if you have a strong enough “why” and have truly decided to produce something (meaning there’s no turning back; you’ve burned your boats, you’ve “thrown your cap over the wall”), you WILL figure out the “how.”

And the producing mindset is an empowered mindset.

Let me say that again.

The producing mindset is an empowered mindset.

It means that if you’re willing to figure out what you’re passionate about and wholeheartedly embrace all the seemingly unfun, administrative, boring, yet vital producing tasks…And do them with creativity. With excellence. With generosity…If you work as hard on them as you do on the “fun stuff”, then you will be rewarded. You will be empowered.

To do what?

To create memorable experiences for yourself, your fellow artists and the audience you seek to serve. Who get to witness your passion in action.

Isn’t that why you made the crazy decision to become an artist in the first place?

By having a producing mindset, you’re just ensuring that your fate isn’t in the hands of some fickle industry. But rather rooted firmly in the clutches of your empowered grasp.

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