Love The Quotidian One Long River of Song: Notes on Wonder (9780316492898): Doyle,  Brian, Duncan, David James: Books

“I think there is much more going on than we are aware of and sensitive to and perceptive about , and the more we think we know what is possible and impossible the more we are foolish and arrogant and imprisoning ourselves in an idea.” – “The Daoine Sidhe” Essay from “One Long River Of Song”

“Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment.” -Rumi

Buy this book. I highly, HIGHLY recommend. You will fall in love either for the first time or all over again with life. Especially with all the seemingly mundane, unremarkable and quotidian details. The late Brian Doyle, like all great writers, just paid more attention. He listened more. Observed more. Awed more. Wondered more. Appreciated more. Risked more. Dreamt more.

And as a result of reading and re-reading this superb collection of his essays, you will to.

P.S. – “Hoop” is my personal favorite. I look forward to hearing what’s yours!

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