Turn It Into A Podcast?

I love podcasts.

I love listening to plays. When they’re good, oh man, the imagination just runs wild. LA Theatre Works does a phenomenal job. Check them out if you’re not already familiar.

This got me thinking…

The next time you write a play or a screenplay, what if when you finished, no matter what, you also committed to turning it into a podcast?

This I think would accomplish several things.

ONE. Instead of just hoping someone reads your material and decides to produce it (the odds are heavily stacked against you), you’ll have made something yourself. The whole process of getting a director and a cast and tightening the script and rehearsing and then eventually recording it, will be its own reward. You’ll have learned so much and will have this cool, finished product to mark your efforts.

TWO. Should you decide to send out your script to potential producers, you can also send them the podcast. Your message to them: “Here I wrote this. And I know you’re really busy, so if you’d rather listen to it instead, check out this podcast version I also made.” Talk about signaling and showing someone you’re serious! You cared so much about the material that you took the time to make it into a podcast. That’s significant.

THREE. You can put the podcast out there for anyone to listen. Solicit feedback should you want it. Or just for their entertainment value. Or both.

FOUR. All the hard work and time and money you put into making the podcast might just inspire you to not wait around for someone else and instead, make the movie or produce the play yourself. Now we’re talking.

Go Make Your Podcast.

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