No. Fear.

“No person would give up even an inch of their estate, and the slightest dispute with a neighbor can mean hell to pay; yet we easily let others encroach on our lives—worse, we often pave the way for those who will take it over. No person hands out their money to passers-by, but to how many do each of us hand out our lives! We’re tight-fisted with property and money, yet think too little of wasting time, the one thing about which we should all be the toughest misers.” -Seneca

With all of life’s distractions, with everyone vying for our attention at all times, the ability to say “No” has become a superpower. Time and attention are our most valuable assets. We need to guard them with our lives.

But how do we decide on how to spend our time?

One useful tool is fear.


Hear me out.

When faced with the choice to do or not to do…

If the chief reason you don’t want to do something is because you’re afraid, then say YES. As Joseph Campbell said, “the cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”

If the chief reason you want to do something is because you’re afraid this opportunity won’t come back again, that you’re afraid of missing out, then say NO.

One last nudge to help you to say No…Remember, it’s just “No” for right now. Not “No” forever. What’s destined to come back your way will come back. Trust in that.

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