The School Play

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Pre-Covid, I was invited to sit in on some rehearsals for a high school production. Besides the immense talent of all the students (actors and designers), I was blown away by their commitment and enthusiasm for the work. Every single one of them wanted to be there. It was so pure. Their joy was infectious.

The director invited me to speak to them after rehearsal. Unprepared for this, I just spoke from the heart. Told them how impressed I was and how fun it was to watch them in action. And that I couldn’t wait for opening night. Several students said they wanted to pursue a career in the arts and asked if I had any advice.

Not really feeling qualified to answer, my only real counsel was “it doesn’t get any better than this.”

Meaning that no matter how much industry success they found, this, right here, this play, this moment, this joy, this commitment, this fun, this team work, this sense of community, this feeling…that’s what it’s all about. And to try to carry that feeling into everything they did going forward.

Go make your art.

And just like the school play, do it for nothing more than pure love of the art.

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