Affirmation Or Feedback?

Before showing someone your work, ask yourself what exactly you’re looking for. Affirmation? Or feedback? Both have merit. But the answer to this question determines who you reach out to. It’s also generous and empathetic on your part. Your respecting people’s time and personality.

If it’s honest, critical feedback you seek, great. Realize there’s probably only a handful of people who can fill that role for you. Trust they have your and your project’s best interest at heart; even if the feedback they give stings a little or a lot.

If it’s affirmation you seek, that’s also great. Maybe you’re stuck and need a little encouragement. Cool. Just be up front about it. Let others know that’s what you seek. Those in your “inner critical, feedback forum”…well, you might want to wait to show them your work. You’re not ready for that yet. But keep at it. Soon, you will be.

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