Give Up Or Go Up

The author and speaker Zig Ziglar classified goals into two categories.

(1) “Give Up” Goals. Think of trying to lose weight or quit a bad habit. For these type of goals, tell everyone. Let them know to keep you in check. It’ll serve as extra motivation, especially in those weak moments when your willpower is sapped.

(2) “Go Up” Goals. Think of making art, starting a business, pursuing a new interest. For these type of goals, only tell a few trusted people. You never know people’s reactions to the change you’re trying to make. Some might feel threatened and turn into psychic vampires. Others will be inspired and motivate you even higher. Just be discerning. Especially at the outset.

One more thing about goals…yes, you can do anything. Just not everything. At least not all at once. Limit yourself to just a few goals at a time.

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