Bucket List

Goldilocks and the Three Bears (Fairy Tales) - illustrated by Ed Bryan -  9781788003001 - Allen & Unwin - Australia

Do you have a bucket list of all the plays and roles you’d love to do someday?

If not, why not start one?

Write down every play you read or see and the date. It’s a good exercise and fun to keep count.

For any plays that really grab you, bold them. Write down the role and maybe a short sentence or two why you’d love to do it. That’s it.

Obviously, you won’t get to play every role on your list. Some you’ll age out of (I’m too old for Paul Bratter in “Barefoot In the Park.”). Some you’re not yet old enough. (I’d love to take a crack at “Willy Loman” someday.) Doesn’t matter. The process of actively searching and selecting is what counts.

Because eventually, you’ll find one that’s just right.

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