“Like A Ferrari Stuck In A Garage”

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I once asked a good friend of mine and phenomenal actor what it was like to work regularly in television. This was her response:

“Most days, I feel like a Ferrari stuck in a garage.”

She was very grateful for the steady work, money and the friendships that were made. But inside, she felt like she had so much more to offer. Her tremendous skill and passion wasn’t needed or called upon very much . She longed to do the kind of demanding work and roles she found early on in the theatre.

Maybe you feel like this sometimes? Or know people who do? Or both.

Good news! There’s a solution.

Find a play and role you’re passionate about. So much so that you’re willing to produce it. Produce it with excellence and generosity. For yourself, your fellow artists and the audience you seek to serve.

As a result of your decision and bravery, you can let that Ferrari out! And bring some talented artists along with you for the ride.

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3 thoughts on ““Like A Ferrari Stuck In A Garage”

  1. JC,

    This is a good one. Great advice.

    And hey—I didn’t reach out after, but you were great in the reading. I really enjoyed it. I had to hop off (I’ve got Sam with me this week) but I caught almost all of it. The guys were great as well.

    Talk soon!


    Stef Tovar On-camera Acting Coach

    Author of “The Map: An Actor’s Guide to On-Camera Acting”

    Coming in 2021 (Applause Books)

    773.308.6927 cell



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