“Pressure is a choice.” -Richard Linklater

At some point in your art-making process, you will feel nervous. Opening night of your play, the first day on set, the first time you read your novel in front of a live audience, the day you meet with potential investors for your new company, etc…It’s inevitable.

So, what you do with those nerves?

First, let them fuel you. There’s a reason it’s called “nervous energy.” Let that energy pervade you, focus you, inspire you to work a little bit harder. Like sunlight to a plant. Use it!

Second, be grateful for the nerves. They’re a signal that you’re on the right track. You’re risking, you’re out on the edge, you’re “doing it” as Ray Manzarek once said. The nerves mean you care. Love that you feel them.

You got this.

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