Domino Goal

The Domino Effect Physics Can be Pretty Incredible | by AJP info | Medium

“You can do anything. But not everything.” -David Allen

It’s the end of January and about that time when many people abandon their New Year’s resolutions. This excellent article by Arthur Brooks of The Atlantic details why.

One reason we abandon our goals is because we’ve simply made too many. In a fit of enthusiasm we jotted down all these things we wanted to accomplish without being realistic to our life and time and responsibilities. Once realization sets in, we throw in the towel on ALL our resolutions.

Before reaching that point, look closer at your list. Similar to the magic focusing question, ask yourself what is your “domino goal.” Meaning what single goal, if completed, would render all the other goals un-necessary or less important. Double down, focus on all your efforts on accomplishing that one.

P.S. – For more inspiration check out this OK Go video Here.

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