It Takes A Lunatic

It Takes A Lunatic (Netflix) review: Warm, engaging, and much too long

“More people went to the theatre in London when I was reviewing then went to Church. This would be a very good thing if the theatre took itself seriously. As a factory of thought. Of social conduct. An armory against despair and dullness. And a temple of the ascent of [humankind].” -George Bernard Shaw

It takes a lunatic to want to make art.

It takes a lunatic to give up a promising career for a life in the theatre.

It takes a lunatic to open up your own acting school when you’re young and being groomed by the great Sanford Meisner to teach at The Neighborhood Playhouse.

It takes a lunatic to direct plays.

It takes a lunatic to raise money, open a theatre, and commit to producing plays that feature new works by unknown playwrights. And then expect people to show up for years on end to support your vision.

It takes a lunatic to still teach acting when you’re nearly 100.

Wynn Handman did all of the above and more. He was a lunatic. And a legend. He was responsible for launching the careers of countless artists. He passed away last year at 97. His life is inspiring and worth learning more about.

Here’s a great podcast episode that Alec Baldwin did with him.

And here’s a great Netflix documentary, called “It Takes a Lunatic” about his life and legacy.

R.I.P. Wynn Handman. Here’s to you and all the other lunatics out there who are making their art.

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