Why Not?

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“The person who argues for their limitations gets to keep them.” -Richard Bach

Heading into 2016-2017, only one NBA player had ever averaged a triple double (getting double figures in 3 statistical categories–usually points, rebounds and assists) for an entire season. That was Oscar Robertson in 1961-1962. Averaging a triple double for a season was considered one of the holy grail accomplishments in sports. Done once. Never to be done again.

Russell Westbrook, a point guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder (now on the Houston Rockets), just endured a heartbreaking defeat in the playoffs (after being up 3-1 to the Golden State Warriors) as well as losing his teammate, Kevin Durant–one of the best players in the NBA–to free agency. (Pouring salt on the wound, Durant went to Golden State. Gulp.)

Westbrook is famous for his “Why Not” mentality. For every challenge that comes his way, he first asks the question, “Why not?” Or “Why not me?” Meaning “why can’t this be done?” and “why can’t I be the one to do or solve it?” Talk about empowering! Westbrook thrives on the impossible. It guides his life. Fuels him. He plays the game with a ferocity that is unmatched by any other player today.

That year, Westbrook not only single-handedly dragged his team into the playoffs, but he averaged a triple double.

And then did it again the next year.

And the next.

Three straight seasons. Three straight triple doubles.

Thinking about a passion project? Making change in the world? Making art?

Why not you?

Why not now?

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