The Post-Show Notebook Practice

We should always strive to be our own toughest and most honest critic. In that spirit, here’s a good practice for the theatre artist. (Though, I think it’s adaptable for anyone trying to make art or pursue a goal.)

As soon as you step off the stage and are in the dressing room, do this…

Take out a notebook and write down how you felt about your work. Don’t take much time. Write a few things, good and bad, maybe a specific moment or two, and then leave it at that. You just told your own truth.

Then, quickly get dressed and go say hi to everyone in the lobby. Thank them for coming. No matter how you felt about your work tonight, acknowledge the sacrifice of time and money that people made to come support you and your art.

When you wake up in the morning, look at your notebook again. Go through the entire script in more detail. Go line by line, beat by beat. See what worked, what didn’t and ask yourself why.

Then, drop it. Trust it will be there. Get excited for tonight. You have another chance to get up there and kick ass.

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