Help Wanted


Knows themselves and doesn’t fool themselves.

Has high integrity and upstanding moral character.

Has core values and principles and lives by them.

Listens. Really listens.

Takes direction well.

Takes initiative. Is a self starter.

Takes tremendous pride in their work.

Cares deeply about others.

Helps others make their work the best it can be.

Is generous to a fault.

Is passionate.

Always goes the extra mile.

Loves to learn.

Isn’t afraid to fail. Looks at mistakes as an opportunity to grow.

Doesn’t gossip.

Communicates early, often and well.

Is always willing to take on new projects.

Believes deeply in the organization’s mission.

Takes ownership.

Doesn’t ask what needs to be done.  Finds something to do, does it and says “Here. I did this. What do you think?”

Has deep empathy for others.

Treats everyone with dignity and respect.

Doesn’t feel the need to be right.

Doesn’t need credit. Freely gives it to others.

Accepts responsibility. Isn’t afraid to take the blame.

Is open-minded. Cultivates good, critical feedback.

Has no ego.  Is all about the work. Best idea wins.

Has a sense of humor.

Is a linchpin.


If you have some or all of the above soft skills, you’ll always work. Your services will always be in demand. Everything else can be learned on the job.

4 thoughts on “Help Wanted

    1. Very kind of you to say Jono. You have tons of these skills too my friend. Besides being one helluva actor, you have an enormous heart and generous spirit. Those soft skills are priceless and always in demand.


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