Call An Audible

Peyton Manning added to Colts' Ring of Honor, jersey number retired

Audible (American football) : a substitute offensive or defensive play called at the line of scrimmage

Much like a quarterback who steps to the line of scrimmage and calls an audible based on the defense, there are times when you as a producer must do the same thing. No matter how much you prepare, something will come up during your project that you didn’t expect. It’s inevitable…An actor or designer will get another job. A crew member will get sick. A deliverable will not come through. An item will break. Etc…

When it does come up, you have two options.

One, stick with sunk costs and do nothing. Hope it works out. (It probably won’t.)

Two, trust in your preparation, your team and yourself that you can and will adapt to the new set of circumstances. You’ll make make a new, good decision. You’ll leave your homework at the door and be in the moment.

Just like the best quarterbacks, the best producers are those who’ve mastered the art of the audible.

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