You Gotta Ask

It’s the simplest concept, but one we always forget or neglect to do:

“If you want something, then you have to ask for it.

Let’s break the above “If/Then” statement down into two parts.

First, what do you WANT? What do you truly want? So much so, that you’re willing to do the second part wish is to…

ASK for what you want. If it’s worth it, if it’s what you truly want, then you should be willing to ask for it. Regardless of the outcome. Right?

And what exactly is the worst possible outcome, again? The worst thing that can happen?

Oh, yeah. You’ll be rejected. Someone will say No. You might feel bad.



Now you have a decision to make. A choice.

One. Keep asking. Either the same person or others. Or both.

Two. Stop asking. Realize that you didn’t really want the thing bad enough in the first place. Otherwise, you’d keep asking, keep working on it until you turned the “No” into a “Yes.” But at least you have closure. You can go find something else that’s worth asking for.

But you gotta ask.

YOU gotta ask.

Stop waiting to be asked.

Need some more inspiration? Watch this TED Talk.

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