Conflict, Conflict, Conflict!


“Write this at the top of your script”…(To borrow a phrase from a director friend.)




You must find CONFLICT in every scene. Even when it’s not readily apparent.

If not, it’s the death of your art. You’ll be boring. And the story won’t get told.

No one goes to the theatre to watch people hang out, play nice or avoid ruffling feathers.

They go to watch people believe desperately in what they’re doing. That they’re right and have all the answers. That they love and care about the other person so much that they’ll fight like hell to change them.

That’s our job as artists. To go to those uncomfortable places. Like firefighters who run into the fire, we must run into the conflict. Instead of away from it.

The reward for our bravery is the chance to entertain and move people. To possibly engender greater empathy and understanding for the human condition. Maybe even change people’s hearts and minds.

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