Opening Night

Still from OPENING NIGHT by John Cassavetes

As theatre actors, we’ve more than likely been part of one of those productions where the rehearsal process is a disaster, but then magically comes together on opening night. No movie portrays this better than John Cassavetes’ film, Opening Night. Gena Rowlands is other-wordly great. It’s brutal to watch at times, but worth it for her performance alone.

While not ideal conditions, what is it that enables these productions to come together? Is it that chaos can become fuel? Or is it simply that by virtue of setting a date, you’re on the hook? Just like taking a test, it’s happening on the day. Pass or fail, disaster or triumph, you’re still going up. Knowing this and employing Parkinson’s Law, everyone pulls it together at the last minute.

But the only way magic can ever occur…is when you actually set a date in the first place.

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