Say It Out Loud

An enormous gulf exists between how something sounds in your head versus how it sounds coming out of your mouth.

The legendary acting teacher, Harold Guskin, in his book, How To Stop Acting, advocated a technique he called “taking it off the page.” While privately working on text, the actor slowly reads one line at a time while inhaling breath, then while exhaling, says the line out loud. This frees up the actor. Gets them out of their head, from what they think the line “should” sound like, and connected to their instinct, with what’s actually happening in the present moment. Theoretically, every line, every moment, is infused with aliveness.

A playwright friend of mine reads Moby Dick out loud every couple of years. As great as that book is to read, he claims it’s an otherworldly experience when you read it out loud. He believes it makes him a better writer too.

When working on your vision, your passion project, you should absolutely get all your thoughts down on paper first. But at some point, even when you don’t think you’re ready, call up a friend and ask them if you can talk out your vision with them. Two things will happen…Yes, you’ll find the gaps that need to be filled. But you’ll also realize you have something exciting on your hands, something that people want to get behind. And that you’re a lot closer than you think.

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