Independence Day

BOOM: 19 Places to See Fireworks this Independence Day Weekend | WKMS

“So say goodbye it’s Independence Day. It’s Independence Day. All down the line. Just say goodbye it’s Independence Day. It’s Independence Day this time.” –Bruce Springsteen, Independence Day 

We just celebrated America’s Independence Day. A group of people were so fed up with existing conditions coupled with their dreams of a better life, a better way of doing things, that they boldly declared their independence. They had no idea if it would work. But they did it anyway.

What change do you seek to make? What dreams do you have for yourself, for your family? What passion project exists inside you? And…what are you waiting for? As Epictetus challenged us two thousand years ago, “How long must you wait until you demand the best of yourself?”

Say goodbye to status quo, to the old way. Just say goodbye.

Make today your Independence Day.

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