Solving The Good Will Hunting Problem | Brown Bear's Bites

It’s easy to look around and diagnose the problems. How many books, articles and news stories do nothing but that? Day after day. An unending stream of “let me show you how bad things are”; “why we’re in this mess; “who’s to blame.” Sadly, most of it is designed to hold our attention spans hostage.

I’m not for one second suggesting we turn a blind eye to our problems. We absolutely need the diagnosis. It’s important to know what needs fixing.

But there’s another side that is woefully ignored. That gets scant attention.

The solutions.

Because solutions are hard.

Because just like art, they might not work. There’s nuance involved. Careful thought. Small, deliberate steps. Practical, thankless action. You could be wrong. You will be judged.


Do it anyway.

Because we need you. We need your leadership. Your effort. Your ideas. Your willingness to try.

We need your solutions.

P.S. – Here are a couple of solutions-based organizations to check out:

Solutions Journalism

Weave: The Social Fabric Project

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