Assume Positive Intent

“When people injure you, ask yourself what good or harm they thought would come of it. If you understand that, you’ll feel sympathy rather than outrage or anger. Your sense of good and evil may be the same as theirs, or near it, in which case you have to excuse them. Or your sense of good and evil may differ from theirs. In which case they’re misguided and deserve your compassion. Is that so hard?” – Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

In any situation involving other people, i.e. all of life, it’s inevitable they will act in ways different from your expectations. They’ll say or do things that make you angry, sad, hurt, etc…You’ll want to respond emotionally. Don’t. Instead, remember these three words:


Let that color your response. You’ll avoid a lot of unnecessary conflict and stress. Plus it’s just a good way to go think about others.


Now when you’re on stage, that’s a different story…

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