Who’s It For?

After answering the two essential artist questions, now ask yourself, “Who’s It For?”

Take for example, producing a play.

“Who’s it for?”

People who like theatre, especially intimate theatre?

Fans of this playwright?

People who love plays, movies, etc…that might be similar to this play?

People who might be interested or support this subject matter? For example, if you produce Tracers by John DiFusco, you can reach out to Veterans. If you produce Mary Jane by Amy Herzog, you can reach out to caregivers.

People who like live performance (theatre, concerts, etc…)?

Your close friends and colleagues. Wouldn’t they be excited to know that you’re producing something you’re passionate about? Won’t they bring their friends too?

You can keep going and going…

This exercise should inspire, not paralyze you. It should give you confidence that an audience definitely exists for your art. You know there are fans out there. People you want to reach. People who inspire you to produce with excellence.

And by the way, you might just get a much bigger audience than you ever imagined.

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