The Search

Binx Bolling, the main character in Walker Percy’s brilliant debut novel, The Moviegoer, is on a “Search“.

Like Binx, maybe you’re on a “Search.” A search for your passion project. And it can be frustrating. Agonizing. No end in sight.

But unlike Binx, who’s mired in existential angst, trust that your search will end. Because you’ll take concrete, specific actions on your search. Like…

Reading. Read a ton. Plays, Books, Novels, Short Stories, Poems, etc…Anything that interests you even remotely. Read.

Watching. See films and plays. New, old, one’s you’ve seen a dozen times. See them again. Get inspired. See.

Writing. Write anything. Journal. Stream of consciousness. Stories. Sketches. Doesn’t matter. Write.

Meeting. Meet with friends and colleagues. Be deeply interested in what they’re doing. Tell them you’re searching for your passion project. Put out an A.P.B. to anyone who will respond. Meet up. Show up.

Most importantly, when you’re on your search, enjoy every minute of it. Because it’s just a season. It will end. Soon.

And when it ends, you’ll be in another season. The season of doing. Of manifesting. Of producing. Because you’ll have your passion project. And it will need all your focus.

But until then, be carefree. Pick and choose. Go down rabbit holes. Have fun exploring. And trust you’ll find it when you’re supposed to.

Good luck searching. I’m rooting for you.

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